Over all the years of my selling homes spring is always the busiest time in the real estate industry.  When the spring market buying season starts, is weather permitting. 2016 caught many sellers and agents off guard (but not us), the warm winter brought the buyers out earlier than I have ever seen.  We are constantly monitoring the data, web traffic, and other signs to be ready and keep our sellers ready.

We like to consult with our sellers early and spend time with them in the winter months helping them to get ready for the Spring market.  We give them repair suggestions to make the transaction move smoother, sometimes a pre-listing inspection may be in order We have found that this time spent puts our clients in a better position to react faster when the buyers start coming out of hibernation.

We have found that almost every home can use some improvements.  This doesn't mean you have to rebuild the house or redo everything.  Sometimes tackling just a few small project can make a big impact.  Fresh paint, new light fixtures or switch plates, sprucing up the kitchen or a new bath vanity is all your house would need to make your house stand out above the rest and appear a better value.  

Starting the packing process is also advised, By packing the things that you don't use or need you are de-cluttering.  I hate to be blunt but....clutter does not help sell your home, clutter makes your house seem small and not big enough for your things.  At that point he buyer may feel the house doesn't have enough storage or its not big enough for them, and pass on your property.  

Have you ever seen a staged home? Whats the one thing missing? No Clutter.

Deciding what to list your property is the most important part of selling.  Finding the list price takes more than just knowing what you would like to get for your home.  Condition, Location, are key factors in determining a list price, along with comparable sale in the nearby area.  Homes that are currently on the market are key too as these are your competition.  

There are many property valuation tools out there on the internet.  Please keep in mind they have never been to your house and are only using computer data.  These valuation models may be pricing your house too low because they don't know what improvements you have made or the valuation may be priced too high because they cannot see the condition or needed repairs, improvements.   Here is a home valuation model that we use, again this is just a starting point. Please reach out to us for a more detailed analysis. BROOME COUNTY HOME VALUES

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